CXFS, Inc.

The Team

Our team is comprised of professionals from across the financial, healthcare and marketing spectrum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring transparency to the cannabis industry and help pave the way for more secure and efficient way for business, dispensaries and consumers to make cannabis related transactions.

  • Sara Wright
    This card is going to change the way I do my transactions. I used to have to go the ATM, then carry cash. I love the Cannabis Xpress Card!
    Sara Wright
  • Jennifer Lee
    Finally a credit card that I can use for my medical expenses, including Cannabis. Now all my records for my bills will be in one place.  
    Jennifer Lee
  • Brandon Ross
    Sounds to good to be true, but it is! A credit/debit card that I can use everywhere, including my local cannabis store. This is great!
    Brandon Ross

The Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of professionals from across the financial, healthcare and marketing spectrum.


Trace Thaxton - MHA

Chairman - Advisory Board

NHMG & CXFS Co-founder, Trace Thaxton, has an extensive and successful background in providing startup companies with corporate guidance in relation to corporate compliance, regulations and management procedures.

Advisory Board Member

Virginia Nafus

Healthcare Solutions

NHMG & CXFS Co-founder, Virginia Nafus has been directly involved in designing, developing and managing large scale Enterprise wide healthcare management solutions for over 30 years.

Advisory Board Member

Ed Nafus

Finance & Business Relations

First Data Co-founder, Ed Nafus has over 30 years of banking, credit, and financial expertise related to the financial industry, with a focus on bank processing procedures related to credit and debit cards.

Advisory Board Member

Dustin Eide

Cannabis Financial Sevices

CanPay CEO and Founder, Dustin Eide is cannabis industry entrepreneur who has created the first mobile app that bridges a gap between cannabis retailers and consumers, many of whom are without access to account services like plastic debit/credit cards.

Advisory Board Member

Kevin Corson

Project Vision Direction

Marketing Engineers founder, Kevin Corson has invented and/or brought to market the world's first internet phone, Biometric API, and Voice Recognition systems. Mr. Corson specializes in developing marketing tools centered around how to bring new and disruptive technologies to market.

Advisory Board Member

Bruce Newton, JD

Legal Counsel

Bruce Newton is a partner and co-founder in a Eugene, Oregon attorney firm. Bruce has an extensive background and experience working with business start-ups, corporate structure and legal aspects of the emerging cannabis industry.

Advisory Board Member

Bill Dauster, JD

Government Compliance

Bill Dauster has been closely involved with the White House and US Congress for over 20 years. Bill was Special Assistant to the President on economic policy (retired). Former Deputy Director of the US Senate Finance Committee (Tax/Health Team) and was the Former Chief of Staff, US Senator Harry Reid.

Advisory Board Member

Sunil Aggarwal, MD

Medical Practices

Sunil Aggarwal, MD, specializes in treating life-threatening illnesses and chronic pain. He is deeply interested in integrative and cross-cultural medicine, in addition to pain and symptom management, advanced care planning, and end-of-life care. Dr. Aggarwal is a member of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

The Cannabis Xpress Card

The Cannabis Xpress Card is backed and supported by a network of clients and partners that are dedicated to providing you a seamless and easy way to access your personal funds when and where you choose!